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What it does

Migrates a SubVersion 6.x (SVN) repository to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 replaying every action occurred in SubVersion.

This little tool will reproduce your SubVersion (SVN) repository state to a Team Foundation Server's team project.
SVN users are mapped to TFS ones with a simple XML. SVN original check-in date and revision number are not imported in TFS, they are just written in check-in notes (This is a limitation of TFS and can not be overridden).

This is quite simple: for each replayable revision in the SVN repository, a new changeset will be created in TFS. For each revision, all actions happened in SVN will be replayed to TFS.

What you should know

At this moment, the product is not stable, however please consider that
  • for each action that svn2tfs is not sure to have fully reproduced, a warning will be provided to the user.
  • for each action that svn2tfs is not able to reproduce, an exception will be thrown.
so please double check every warning.

For missing features please vote in the Issue Tracker. Feel free to ask to join the project.

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