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For the project team

How to collaborate
New features must be discussed with the project coordinator. Other issues can be fixed provided that comments are exhaustive and there is a valid associated work-item to check ins. Always keep in mind coherence with source code and UI.

Version control
Write in the comments what check-in is for and associate the check-in to a work-item.

Check ins
  • Title must be self-explanatory, so use a brief but complete description (i.e. Support replaces, the error message and when it appears, etc...)
  • Status: Proposed: posted by someone (a non-developer), don't know yet if it has to be done; Active: ok, someone will do this; Fixed: task has been done, but not reviewed; Closed: Fix accepted, will be in the next release (only set by an administrator).
  • Type: Feature: a brand new feature; Task: something that has to be done in order to achieve a feature; Issue: a bug.
Being important to track changes and why they are made, please always create a task in the issue tracker, write down any progress / decision in the comments (such as 'unable to reproduce', 'duplicated', etc...).
In order to check code's quality only administrators are allowed to move a work-item from fixed to closed.

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