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Converting branches and nothing else

Jul 3, 2012 at 4:33 AM


I have an svn repository that is a mess (I think).  We have http://url/branches/myproject (which is the stuff I want) and http://url/trunk and http://url/tags - both of which I dont want.

I cant get svn2tfs to work.  

I set the url to http://url and the path to /branches/myproject.

When it checks out r1 (\branches) nothing appears in the temp folder and it then it fails checking that the file or path exists.  The call to client.Checkout is not reporting any errors or warnings.

I've patched the tfsReplayAction method to remove the .Remove part - no improvement.

Ive tried using a later version of SharpSVN (we are on svn 1.7) - no improvement.

I can use Turtoise on the temp folder to update and it works just fine.

Any help very welcome!